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Do you want to know why your dieting did not work?

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Enjoy food.

Eating without restrictions, diets and nutritional concepts.

Bist Du auf Diät

Stop fighting your body.

Develop a healthy concept of food, exercise and your body.

Be you.

Stop trying to be someone else. Just be you.

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"Dieting does not make you a better version of yourself.

It makes you a sadder version of yourself."

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If I had my way I'd force everybody to read the book or get into BodyListeners. It will shake you up!

- Jennifer Ospelt

Blogger, ILoveSpa
BodyListeners was a real eye-opener for me. I always thought I knew how to eat healthy. Now I know to how many food restrictions I have succumbed. Often without realizing it! It was a HUGE gain in quality of life to start eating what I love and what feels good.

- Katherina Keller

Krav Maga, Self Defense Trainer